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How Do Lumineers® by Cerinate® Work?

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, talk to your dentist about dental reconstruction options. Most people with beautiful, straight teeth or perfect smiles have had some help from their dentists. There are several smile makeover options, including porcelain veneers and Lumineers®. Choosing Lumineers can transform your teeth, giving you a flawless smile.


Getting Cerinate Lumineers

Lumineers are thin shields placed over the teeth to improve their appearance. Made from Cerinate® porcelain, the Lumineers are durable and can withstand natural tooth pressure. They can endure cold and heat and function just like natural teeth.

The application process is gentler than that of porcelain veneers, making the procedure an attractive option for most people. The customized shields look and feel like natural teeth, complementing the individual's appearance.


How Cerinate Lumineers Work

Cerinate Lumineers are completed in two dental appointments. During the initial visit, the dentist will take impressions of the patient's upper and lower teeth. The lab will use the impressions to provide unique Lumineers that match the individual's smile in length, width, translucency, and color.
Photos of the smile and teeth may be obtained to allow accurate customization. During the second visit, the shields are bonded to the front of the teeth, completing the smile transformation. They do not require tooth structure removal.


Good Candidates for Cerinate Lumineers

Lumineers provide a convenient and versatile dental solution. Covering the visible sections of the teeth helps enhance the smile. Good candidates for the procedure are individuals with the following:


  • Misshapen teeth

  • Crooked teeth

  • Discolored teeth

  • Chipped teeth

  • Short teeth

  • Crowded teeth


Candidates with good oral health and no signs of decay or gum disease can get Lumineers. The dentist will examine and review the patient's smile goals before treatment.


Difference Between Lumineers and Veneers

When choosing the best procedure for your smile makeover, talk to the dentist about Cerinate Lumineers and porcelain veneers. The two approaches are effective and produce similar results, but some differences exist.

While porcelain veneers are relatively thin, digitally designed Cerinate Lumineers are even thinner. Lumineers' application is noninvasive and does not require the shaving of tooth enamel. With proper care, both applications can last decades and are stain-resistant.


Benefits of Cerinate Lumineers

There are good reasons to get Cerinate Lumineers. The benefits include:


  • The application is noninvasive

  • They are durable and long-lasting

  • The application process is quick

  • The procedure is painless and does not usually require anesthesia

  • The procedure is reversible


Choosing Cerinate Lumineers will give you a natural-looking smile that makes you look better, younger, and healthier. The permanent cosmetic dental procedure helps repair tooth imperfections. The Lumineers look and function like natural teeth.

Before bonding the shields, the dentist will check the fit, comfort, and bite. It will help ensure they work effectively. If you want to enhance your smile, your dentist will examine your oral condition to determine if the procedure is right for you.

For more on how Lumineers by Cerinate work, visit Seale Family Dentistry at our Lake Charles, Louisiana office. Call (337) 474-0212 to schedule an appointment today.