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Dental Post-operative Instructions

Individuals with dental complications may undergo oral surgery to resolve them. Your dentist can suggest various surgical procedures based on the dental issue you may have. Once you go through treatment, there are post-operative instructions you will need to follow.



Ideally, you should follow all the instructions given by your specialist after your oral surgery. You are likely to experience swelling, bruising, minor pain, and limitation in opening or closing your mouth. You may also have a sore throat or pain in your ear or jaw.

Avoid smoking, sucking, alcohol, spitting, or any heavy lifting until you heal. Continue reading to find out various post-operative instructions for different dental procedures.



Exert pressure on the gauze pad placed on the extraction site for at least one hour. It is best to avoid biting the numb tongue or lip after the procedure to prevent further harm to the soft tissues. Additionally, avoid drinking or eating hot and cold beverages and foods on the extraction day. Do not use a straw or rinse your mouth.

Brush and floss your teeth the following day after the extraction. Minimize the discomfort you will feel using an ice bag and taking all the prescribed medication as instructed. Eat soft foods during the first three days post-treatment.

Call your dentist if you experience severe swelling, pain, or excessive bleeding.



You are likely to experience bleeding, swelling, and pain after the surgery. Below are the instructions you should follow:

  • Take your medication as prescribed by your dentist

  • Ease the discomfort by applying an ice pack over the surgical site on your face for 10 minutes, then off for five

  • Go to the next scheduled appointment to remove sutures and for follow-up

  • Avoid brushing the treated site until it heals

  • Avoid using a straw, spitting, or smoking the day after the procedure

  • Call your specialist if any difficulties arise



You are likely to have some bleeding and discomfort during surgery day. Take the prescribed medication as instructed and ease the pain by applying an ice pack over the side of the face with the surgical site for ten minutes, then off for five until you feel at ease.

Do not miss your next follow-up dental appointment to have the sutures removed. Avoid brushing the treated site or raising your lips using your fingers to see the surgical area.

Avoid spitting, using a straw, or smoking on the day of the procedure. Also, refrain from smoking for the next few days after treatment. If any complications arise, call your dentist immediately.



Experiencing some swelling, skin discoloration, and minor pain after the procedure is highly likely. Ease the swelling by using an ice pack after the surgery for a few hours with intervals of ten minutes on and five minutes off.

Rinse the treated area with lukewarm water after every meal for three days after the procedure. Avoid chewy or hard foods as soft meals will be easier. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices, milk, and soup. You can also take vitamin supplements.

Take your medication as prescribed by your dentist. If any complications arise, contact your specialist immediately.

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