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Candidates for Dental Bridges

Are you missing a tooth or two? If you are, you are probably thinking of replacing it. Dental bridges are an excellent treatment option for replacing missing teeth.


Dental bridges are devices that are designed to feel, look, and function like regular teeth. It contains two artificial teeth known as crowns connected together to form the bridge. In most cases, the healthy teeth surrounding the gap have to be altered to accommodate the crowns creating the bridge.


What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?


You are probably wondering if it is safe and why you should use it. Well, it is secure. It is a much better option than having a temporary artificial tooth that you have to keep getting in and out of your mouth.


Dental bridges only take a month to be complete. It is a quick treatment compared to other implants, and so, you only need a few appointments, and you are good as new. You no longer have to worry about what to eat with dental bridges. You can enjoy various foods without worrying about tooth breakage or discomfort.


Lastly, bridges can improve your confidence since you no longer have to worry about smiling in front of people. They feel natural and even better, they can last for over 10 years if well maintained.


Are You a Candidate for Dental Bridges?


There are various factors to consider to determine if you are a candidate for dental bridges. Some of these factors include:


Missing Teeth


For dental bridges to be effective, you have to be missing at least one to four consecutive teeth in your mouth. Otherwise, it is impossible to put a bridge for nonconsecutive teeth or teeth on different sides of the mouth.


Physical Health


Dental bridges involve shaping your current teeth structure, affecting the gums. Therefore, you need to be physically healthy because various health conditions may worsen if the teeth structure is altered. Your dentist can advise you to take some medicines before the procedure, but in other cases, your health condition could disqualify you completely.


Tooth Health


Your normal and healthy teeth are to be used to support the dental bridges. They cannot be supportive if they are fractured or loose. So, it would help if you had healthy teeth on either side of the bridge for the treatment to work or be effective.


Gum Health


Gum disease is a serious condition that may cause inflammation, which is not ideal for dental bridges. Gum issues may cause your teeth to loosen and, in other cases, your jaw to fracture. All these conditions have to be treated before the bridge treatment is initialized.


Generally, you need to have proper oral hygiene and health and overall good health to qualify for dental bridges. However, everyone’s condition is different, and so, only your dentist can advise if you are eligible or not.


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